We’ve talked about the history of other locations around the Outer Banks, so this week we would like to tell you about the elegant town of Corolla. Corolla’s roots run deep; named after a Native American word meaning “land of the wild goose”, this town was home to many tribes who came for the abundance of geese.

homes for sale in CorollaEven though at this point in time Corolla was only accessible by boat, by the 1800s there were several communities including Wash Woods near Virginia, Jones Hill (Which was the Whalehead or Currituck beach, now the town of Corolla), Seagull and Poyners Hill between Duck and Corolla. Residents lived off livestock and gardens, salvaging whatever items washed ashore from shipwrecks to survive.

A Brief Timeline:

  • During the 1600s and early 1700s few European settlers resided on the Outer Banks.
  • 1800 – Several communities were established.
  • 1892 – A writer from Harpers Weekly wrote about Currituck and got the word out about the area.
  • 1895 – Jones Hill got it’s own post office.
  • 1905 – Currituck County supported it’s own one-room school house and church.
  • 1922 – Edward and Marie-Louise LeBel Knight began work on the Whalehead Club.
  • 1930s – More than 100 people lived in Corolla.
  • WWII had a strong impact on the economy of the Outer Banks.
  • 1970s – Population went down to 15 people but vacationers began finding it and the town began to grow again from there.
  • 1984 – There were 422 homes in the town of Corolla.
  • 1995 – There was now a total of 1,966 homes.
  • 2000 – Since 1995 there has been a lot of development and now Corolla had over 2,750 homes.
  • 50% of all homes in Corolla are LARGER than 5,000 sq. ft.

A Historic Development

As you can see, Corolla thrived, fell, and thrived again! This small town has been through a lot, but now it is a self sustained community that has gone through troubled times to come out on top! Which is a great reason to buy a sound front or oceanfront home in Corolla.

Now you know a few key points of Corolla’s history, and where this small town has come from. Come enjoy your new home in Corolla and let your children experience the immense amount of history there is on the Outer Banks.